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The best way to reach me is by phone at 727.644.0457. You can text me at that number, as well, if you wish. If I don't pick up, it's because I'm probably on a house call. Please leave a message, and I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

You can also fill out this form if you'd like. (For quicker response, you'll probably want to call or text my phone.) You could text me a picture of an antique piece or collection, if you'd like, so I have an idea of what you have.

By the way, anything we do -- any business we conduct, any decisions you make regarding your stuff, anything you tell me -- I consider to be in confidence. Any information you share with me is between us. I will not share it with anyone.

Most of my business is conducted at my clients' homes, but I am always free to meet at another location. Sometimes clients ask me to meet them at their bank if there are items stored in a safety deposit box. I live in St. Petersburg, but I travel all over Pinellas County, up through Clearwater and Largo, etc., and Hillsborough County. (Pretty much anywhere there's an estate that needs to be dug through is within my radius.)

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you. You will be glad we met, I promise.


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